Technology Services

Where tech and human touch work hand-in-hand.

Our human-powered technology empowers individuals with disabilities to feel safe, comfortable, connected and in control of their wellbeing.

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Remote Technology

Helping people flourish through technology.

Bloom provides extra security and alerts emergency services as needed with the help of effective sensors, optional cameras, and round-the-clock remote caregivers—all without disturbing the independent lives of those with disabilities.

We also offer scheduled or on-demand video calls for whenever the individual needs to talk. Tailored to each person’s specific requirements, our tech services prioritize the safety of the individual and your peace of mind.

Assistive Technology
for Medication Support

Your daily dose of peace of mind.

Our unique blend of assistive technology and 24/7 live remote monitoring provides an unparalleled level of medication support that can virtually eliminate medication errors. Our service supports the entire medication lifecycle—from the initial prescription to medication administration and even reporting back to show that medications are being taken safely and on time.

Meet our end-to-end medication management system.

First, we’ll set up an in-home, locked medication distribution machine.


Medication is distributed in the appropriate amounts at specifically set times.


Our 24/7 live monitoring team will verify that the medication is taken.


An agent will contact the individual if they detect any issue with the process.


Our team will renew scripts, pick them up and load them into the machine.