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Become a Bloom Caregiver

Caregivers Bloom With Us

We intentionally designed a company that values people. We are on a quest to create happier workplaces for our caregivers!

As a Bloom Caregiver (Direct Support Professional) your mission is to provide an unmatched level of service to our consumers with disabilities.


You will be an ambassador of Bloom and everything we stand for: helping those in our community with disabilities to live independently, with pride and professionalism.

If you are a super cool companion and a compassionate caregiver, we should talk!

“Bloom is a family. It’s a community. They want you to succeed...”

- Brittany Cullop

Employee Benefits

In 2020, our top 6 DSP's earned an average of $50,000 in wages
  • Competitive wages with weekly pay
    Our goal is to pay as much as we can. As fast as we can. To as many as we can. For as long as we can. We pay as much as we can—in accordance with insurance rates—to your hourly rate. We also pay you weekly through direct deposit. We do not offer benefits. We know that this business model is not for everyone, but we’re very proud of this model. If you want the highest weekly payout, we are the business for you. Whether your benefit needs are met through another mode or you are more concerned about the immediate pay, our payment system means that your hourly rate will be higher with us than with our competitors. Our goal is to get out of your way! You do the work, we’ll process the necessary insurance claims and payment details, and we’ll deliver as much of the money as we can right to you.
  • Paid training and a supportive environment to learn new skills
    You bring the positive attitude and desire to learn, and we’ll teach you! It is awesome if you already hold a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate or a Medication Administration Certification Level 1, but if not, we’ll take care of providing the basic or more in-depth training that you need. We pay your regular hourly rate while training. No discounted rates here!
  • A set schedule with time off as needed to help you maintain a work/life balance
    Choose what works for you. We offer both fixed and flexible schedules. Apply to work as a DSP (Direct Support Professional) where schedules are set ahead of time with as little variance as possible to make life easier for you. Or choose to join our Flex Team, where the schedules vary weekly, allowing for your personal schedule to ebb and flow as our clients' needs increase and decrease. Need time off? We don’t track your time away. If you need it, tell us. We don’t need to know why. We won’t require that you are limited to only certain days or times off. We’re here to help you live your life as you help our clients to live their lives!
  • A rewarding job helping others live independently
    Our clients love their caretakers! Enjoy knowing that you are helping someone to live his or her best life. We offer the autonomy that you want while providing the support you need. If you want the freedom to independently manage your clients, we are the place for you.
  • Amazing team atmosphere and regular recognition for being awesome!
    We are serious about creating an environment where team members feel loved and appreciated and never demeaned. One point of contact for everyone keeps communication easy and reliable. You’ll work with a team of caretakers, medical professionals, and more to help your client to flourish. Our goal is to make that process as easy and as manageable as we can.
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