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Assistive Technology for Medication Support

Our unique blend of assistive technology and 24/7 live remote monitoring provides an unparalleled level of medication support that can virtually eliminate medication errors. Our service supports the entire medication lifecycle, from prescription to medication administration and even reporting back to show that medications are being taken safely and on time.

When an individual is capable of taking their medications but struggles with all the coordination of prescriptions, handling bottles, and remembering to take them and need support, Bloom can step in! First, we will handle the daily administration of medication by setting up an in-home, locked medication distribution machine. This will house the medications and distribute them in the appropriate amounts at specifically set times. Our 24/7 live monitoring team will verify that the medication is taken appropriately. Based on each person’s contact protocol, the monitoring live agent will contact the individual if there is any issue and help keep them in adherence with their medication plan. Third, our team will take over the management of the entire life cycle of the medication: we renew the scripts, pick up the medications from the pharmacy, and load the medications into the machine. With our triple level care, Bloom’s system could be exactly the support that a person with disabilities needs to continue to live out a full and independent life.

Assistive Technology for Medication Support
“Our service combines a live agent monitoring every administration and a machine. Our system should be able to eliminate 95% of medications missed. As a result, service coordinators really like it, and our clients are so proud of themselves.”

- Mark Bebout

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